Alternative Investment Fund Overview

The Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund invests in a portfolio of Home Equity Investment Contracts, which offer the Fund’s investors scalable exposure to U.S. owner-occupied single-family residential real estate.​

The Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Funds was established in 2009 with a contrarian and innovative approach to alternative investments. The fund’s strategy began in 2009 with a multi-strategy approach, which evolved to a single strategy fund as of August 2019, focused solely on investing in Home Equity Investment Contracts.​

As the only pure play fund focused on this developing asset class, the Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund has emerged as a leader in investing in the formerly inaccessible, owner occupied residential real estate market.​

The Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP is an open ended, private fund exempt from registration under Regulation D 3(c)5, that is open to investors that qualify as Accredited Investors and Qualified Clients.

A great investment strategy has three characteristics:

• A strong demand for capital
• The capital is used to solve a problem we understand
• There is adequate compensation for risking our capital

-David J. Dunn – Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Construction

• Kingsbridge “Buy Box” purchases high quality contracts
• Continual contract purchases throughout housing market cycles
• Residential real estate is historically considered a stable asset class and long-term store of value
• Seasoned portfolio of existing Home Equity Investment Contracts
• Forward flow capacity to meet investor demand

Risk Mitigation

• Geographic diversification of contracts
• Contract Structure provides downside mitigation
• Significant homeowner equity provides for “skin in the game” and alignment of interests among the investor and the homeowner.

The Impact

• On average homeowners improve their credit by 35 points in 12 months
• As a non-debt solution, access to capital is a relief to many homeowners
• Direct impact to underrepresented populations who may have systematically been denied access to capital
• For seasonal and Gig workers Home Equity Investment Contracts provide a solution beyond credit cards and small business loans
• Later stage homeowners help provide for retirement or a bridge to sale while being more transparent than Reverse Mortgages.

Kingsbridge Alternative Investment Fund Highlights:

• Alternative yield U.S. residential real estate investment strategy
• Low correlation to public market equity or debt
• Inflation hedge: positive correlation to inflation
• Recession mitigation: built-in structural downside dampening averaging 19%
• Pure play investment vehicle focused on Home Equity Investment Contracts