Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP

The Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund invests in structured Home Equity Contracts, which offers the Fund’s investors exposure to one of the most stable, hard to access, asset classes in the United States, owner-occupied single-family residential real estate.

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Innovative Strategy

Innovative structured product investment strategy

Low Correlation

Low correlation to public market equity or debt

Inflation Hedge

Positive correlation to inflation

Recession Protection

Built-in structural downside protection averaging 18%

Home Equity Contracts

Pure play investment vehicle focused on Home Equity Contracts

Track Record

Strategy Track Record inception 2016

Current Performance Update
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White Paper - Home Equity Contracts
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Home Equity Contracts: Potential Down Side Risk
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Covid 19 Update
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Impact Investing: Home Equity Contracts
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Making the Case for Structured Products
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Nightly Business Report
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Making the Case for Small Funds
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Kingsbridge Wealth Management, Inc. is a registered investment advisor that manages alternative investment funds, including the Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP. The firm was founded in 2008 and the Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP was launched in 2009.

“At Kingsbridge, we are focused on investing in alternative strategies, where there is a strong demand for capital, where the capital is used to solve a problem we understand, and where there is adequate compensation for risking our capital.”

Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP


David J. Dunn

David J. Dunn, CIMA® CPWA®

President | Chief Investment Officer

Certified Investment Management Analyst SM Certified Private Wealth Advisor SM

David J. Dunn is the President and Founder of Kingsbridge Wealth Management, Inc. David is the General Partner and portfolio manager of five private investment funds, including the Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP which began in 2009.

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Martin Orton

Martin Orton, CFP®

Senior Vice President

Certified Financial Planner® Practitioner

Martin Orton, CFP® is a registered investment adviser at Kingsbridge Wealth Management, and Marty has more than two decades experience in financial services.

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Kerri Dunn

Kerri Dunn

Executive Vice President

Chief Operating Officer

Kerri Dunn is the co-founder of Kingsbridge Wealth Management, a registered investment adviser, and the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer.

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Briene Eslinger

Briene Eslinger, CPA

Assistant Vice President

Brienne Eslinger, CPA leads the accounting, tax and audit reporting functions at Kingsbridge Wealth Management.

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